Hygiene comes first

Here at the Bloodline Tattoo Studio in Chiang Mai, our clients safety and experience is of the most importance. The last thing we want is a customer to come for our world class ink and leave with even the slightest possibility of infection. There are a strict set of safety protocols and standards that we have put in place which are modeled specifically after the Australian standards… the top methods for customer protection.

All employees (artists and staff) are trained on how to perform in studio using the highest of standards and practices that we have set in place. The environment we have created is highly sterile to protect all customers that throughout the tattooing process. We use only the highest constitution of disposable tattoo equipment. All inks used here at Bloodline are imported from trusted and reputable manufacturers to guarantee the utmost quality, inks are never re-used and are disposed of after each sitting. Nothing is ever carried over or reused for another customer.

Safe, Sterile Environment

When entering our studio to get a tattoo, we want the customer to be assured that everything we can possibly do will always be done to keep them safe. After all, they come to us to get a bloodline quality tattoo, and for it to be everything they had hoped for and more.
That is why all equipment is completely disinfected even that used outside of the disposable needles and grips. We cover all equipment with plastic, to further insure that contamination at any point is absolutely impossible. At the ending of each customers session the plastic covering is then replaced before the next customer is even allowed within the premises of their tattoo area.

All of our tattoo artists are careful to completely adhere to each and every one of our strict safety standards. These include never to reuse needles, inks, or any other equipment from one customer to another. Automatic sanitizer dispensers are located around the studio which are used to wash up, then a new separate pair of rubber gloves will be worn before commencing each and every different job also after breaks.

Hygiene Standards and Best Practices

The following are the standards and best practices that we all strictly adhere to here at Bloodline Tattoo Studio:

  • Only disposable needles, tubes, grips, and inks are to be used (Never reused)
  • All equipment is then covered with plastic and to be replaced after each session
  • Tattoo Chairs/beds are wrapped with a plastic sheeting and is replaced after every session
  • Artists are to wash hands as well as using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. Followed by applying new gloves before each session begins
  • Thoroughly cleaning of all areas between each customer daily to ensure no contamination is possible

Our Customer Safety and Experience Comes First


After Getting a Tattoo

You have sat through and completed your tattoo… Now it is absolutely necessary that you follow each and every one of the aftercare procedures which your tattoo artist will go over with you before you leave. Following all of the instructions carefully will be the difference between a positive outcome, and a less than ideal result.

The main concern during the healing process is to avoid any possibility of infection, this can come from contact with an unsanitary environment or object. Another thing that you must do is continuously moisturise the tattooed area in order to keep the colour up to standard without any chance of ink falling out. This will be the difference between keeping a tattoo looking fresh rather then years old. The tattoo artist will carefully apply second skin or a dressing to cover your new tattoo before you leave the studio. On average the healing time for most newly applied tattoos is between 5 and 10 days, and their are a number things that you really need to be aware of to protect your new piece of art. There are a few things that you must do within the first hour of getting a new tattoo; gently clean it, carefully apply an anti bacterial moisturiser and keep it protected from any UVA/UVB ray exposure from the sun.

Another key component to aftercare is to keep your tattoo clear any of the oozing blood platelets that normally form ahead of scabbing, any scabs that form over your tattoo can lead to premature colour fading. By keeping your tattoo clean, moisturised and protected from the sun you can expect the vivid colours of your tattoo to shine bright and for years on end.

Do not!

  • Don’t wash your tattoo with any bar soap when cleaning
  • Don’t clean your tattoo using a washcloth, scrub brush or sponges
  • Don’t rub or scrape while drying, always gently pat dry
  • Don’t pick at the healing skin
  • Don’t sunbathe/swim in chlorinated water (swimming pool or hot tubs), the ocean or dirty water (swimming with elephants).

An important thing to remember, applying a good moisturising cream multiple times a day will actually achieve two very important things; by helping with the healing process; it also promotes blood flow to tattooed skin area helping it to further improve, rejuvenate, and heal the tattoo and surrounding skin. Keeping the skin thoroughly moist and hydrated throughout the process. However, avoid putting too thick of a layer of cream on the area, which can cause extra irritation to the skin, as well as clogging pores within the healing procedure.